"To truly forgive is to allow the other person to forget."
— Robert Brault, (via picsandquotes)
"When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t."

Worth by Emily S. P. 

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she has draWINGS BY HER CHILDREN SEWN INTO HER WEDDING DRESS this is the cutest ofmg

"Balang araw, may hahawak ng kamay natin at hinding hindi na tayo bibitawan."
— Pag-ibig Thingy  (via jhaofhearts)
"I’m becoming more silent these days. I’m speaking less and less in public. But my eyes, god damn, my eyes see everything."
— (via lipsealedhush)
"This is when you break
her heart.
When you tell her
that you don’t have
enough courage
to stay committed.
This is when she leaves
and you go back
in your head
and try to figure out
where it all went wrong,
where you started to
give up on love
and give in to solitude.
This is when she
finds someone who
is worth it.
This is when you
realize that you’ve made
a mistake
and try to win her back.
This is when you
lost her.
This is when you
realize that
the only problem with love
is you."
— "When and where," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)
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"We let go all the time, of feelings, of people, of fear. We let go because we want to, because we have to. At the end of the day, there is no choice. We let go because if we don’t, we’ll never move on. Or at the very least, we try to."
— Emily Owens, MD (via iamwalp)
"Fall in love with someone that doesn’t make you think love is hard"
"I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me. But I know that if I had the chance, I wouldn’t do it."
— (via picsandquotes)